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Educate your users

When launching a new SaaS product, it’s important to educate your users on what the product does and how it can help them. This is where SaaS onboarding is helpful. It walks your users through the product’s key features and how they can best use them.

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Engage and retain more users

Most users sign up and then forget to use the product. Make sure to inform them about interesting product features and how they can help them.

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Scale your SAAS and increase revenue

Increase your revenue by converting more users into paying customers as you move them down the funnel. SaaS onboarding makes it easier for users to understand and adapt the product.

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Top features

Product tours

Highlight the critical product features

Create Guides

Instantly put tooltips, hints, and banners anywhere on the screen

Implement Bots

Create and implement powerful bots to conduct surveys

Create checklists

Implement checklists to make sure all the steps are performed

Chrome Extension

Install a chrome extension and get started

Powerful Analytics

Track user behavior with insights and make the right decisions

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    We implement eyelet on most of the projects that we work on and our customers have seen a lot of great results over these past 6 months.

    Andrei Temneanu

    Media 9 - Marketing agency

    Our app is very complex and it used to take users Many hours but after creating a series of product flows with eyelet that time got reduced by 80%

    Sandra Olar

    Fabuler - Architecture App


    Frequently Asked Questions.

    What is SaaS onboarding?

    SaaS onboarding is the process of getting a new customer started on the SaaS product by showing them product value.

    Why do I need SaaS onboarding?

    The key reason for having a SaaS onboarding strategy is that, if you don’t, you’ll end up with a lot of frustrated customers who are stuck in limbo because they can’t get started using your product or service.

    What are some best practices for SaaS onboarding?

    Reduce unnecessary steps

    Segment your audience for personalization

    Build interactive tours instead

    Use checklists to track important steps

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