Turn all your users into power users

Eyelet is the fastest, easiest way to create powerful product tours, surveys, and in-app announcements.

Create powerful user onboarding experiences without writing a line of code



Create beautiful user onboarding guides that drive activation fast.


Contextual Support Guide

Automate support with in-app tutorials and step-by-step tours.


Step-By-Step Walkthroughs

Create walkthroughs and help users reach the AHA moment.


Employee Training

Enable employees to operate any software with on-screen guides.

Improve The Way People Interact With Your Product

Increase the product adoption with interactive guides

  • Guide users through the important features of your product to demonstrate the product value.
  • Help new users avoid common mistakes and reduce churn rate
  • Quickly guide users with Tooltips, Hints, and splash screens

Gather valuable data on user preferences with bots

  • Gather valuable feedback by creating more in-app surveys
  • Conduct NPS and CSAT surveys to measure user satisfaction
  • Reduce the friction by prioritizing critical steps

Increase user activation with product tours

  • Showcase features that are most relevant to their needs
  • Product tours are the easiest way for your users to learn about your product
  • Users will be able to see what they can do and how they can do it quickly
Benefits of using Eyelet

This is what you can expect

-80% training costs

+50% product interactions

4x faster onboarding

-75% customer service cost

3x faster feature and product adoption

2x faster software and feature rollouts

Step 1.

Install the extension

You signup for Eyelet without having to pay a dime and install the free Chrome extension which will allow you to create and test your guides.

Step 2.

Create the Guides

You don't need to write a single line of code to start creating your guides. You just have to point and click.

Step 3.

Review and monitor

Once you've published your guides, all you have to do check on how they are doing from our dashboard.

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